Double sided square charm ring depicting the iconic Crescent Moon LSD tab from counter culture history. Inlaid in ceramic, in a glossy finish. The flipside reads the word "Perception", inlaid in ceramic with a brilliant cut diamond. 


The charm is suspended on a 2.0 mm round gold band.

14k gold, ceramic and diamond.


Charms are avaialble in two sizes: Small and Large


SMALL: Charm measures approxinately 9.3mmx 9.3mm, 1.5mm diamond

TOTAL WEIGHT: Approximately 3.5 grams


LARGE: Charm measures approximately 11.5mm x11.5mm, 1.75mm diamond

TOTAL WEIGHT: Approximately 4.5 grams


Ring sizes:  2.5 - 9

Please inquire about larger ring sizes and custom colors.


Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.