All our jewelry is handmade and will vary slightly. Although we do our best to keep ceramic colors consistent, slight variations may occur.

Please remove your jewelry during activities such as cleaning, gardening, swimming, exercising and excursions outdoors i.e; Beach and rough and rocky terrains, and avoid showering, bathing, and immersing in any type of liquids. Avoid letting your jewelry come into contact with harsh household chemicals, hairspray, chlorine, and cosmetics, avoid extreme heat and open fires. We recommend removing your jewelry before bed.  Do not keep you jewelry exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Make sure to store your jewelry in a safe dry place. Storing your pieces individually in soft pouches can help to avoid scuffs and scratches.


We recommend Mala Beads be stored hanging, suspended rather than resting the tassel against a hard surface. Mala beads should be removed before bed. To keep Mala bead tassels intact, please avoid friction from rough materials. To clean Mala tassels, gently wash the tassel with mild soap and warm water and pat dry with a clean cloth, and hang dry. Do not brush the tassel.  

We recommend cleaning all your jewelry with mild, biodegradable soap and warm water with a soft cloth.